Olyair F series wall mounted type split air conditioner

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OLYAIR
Certification: CE, ROHS
Model Number: OSR-24HRFN1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1*40HQ
Packaging Details: Standard export packing carton
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: 30% TT and balance before shipment
Supply Ability: 1*40HQ delivery time 35days
Product Description

Wall Split Air Conditioner 


Specification Sheet


Model OS-24HRFN1
Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220-240V~ 50Hz, 1Ph
Rated Cooling Capacity                      Btu/h 22000(7240~24640)
Cooling Power input   W 171~2780
Cooling  Current   A 0.74~12.09
Rated Heating Capacity         Btu/h 25000(4600~30000)
Heating Power input   W 235~3140
Heating Current   A 1.02~13.65
Seasonal Cooling Pdesignc kW 6.4
SEER W/W 6.1
Energy Efficiency Class   A++
Heating(Average ) Pdesignh kW 5.2
SCOP W/W 4.0
Energy Efficiency Class   A+
Tbiv -7
Heating(Warmer ) Pdesignh kW 7.1
SCOP W/W 4.8
Energy Efficiency Class   A++
Tbiv 5
Tol -15
Moisture Removal             L/h 2.3
Max. input consumption         W 3100
Max. current                A 14.5
Starting current                A ----
Compressor Model    DA150S1C-20FZ
Type    Twin-rotary
Brand    TOSHIBA 
Capacity      Btu/h 15286
Input           W 1150
Rated current(RLA)  A 9.7
Locked rotor Amp(LRA)    A ----
Thermal protector    KSD301
Thermal protector position   EXTERNAL
Capacitor       uF ---
Refrigerant oil/oil charge   ml ESTER OIL VG74/500
Indoor fan motor Model    WZDK58-38G
Brand    Shibaura
Output       W 58
Capacitor        uF - -
Speed(Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min 1180 / 1100 / 900
Indoor coil a.Number of rows   2
b.Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)   mm 21x13.37
c.Fin spacing                 mm 1.3
d.Fin type (code)   Hydrophilic aluminium
e.Tube outside dia.and type  mm Φ7, innergroove tube
f.Coil length x height x width   mm 780x336x26.74
g.Number of circuits   4
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 1150/1070/880
Indoor sound pressure level  (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 49/43/36
Indoor sound power level (Hi) dB(A) 62
Indoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 1045x235x315
Packing   (W*D*H) mm 1135x395x315
Net/Gross weight   Kg 12/15.2
Outdoor fan motor Model    WZDK50-38G
Brand    Shibaura
Output       W 50
Capacitor        uF - -
Speed         r/min 800
Outdoor coil a.Number of rows   2
b.Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)   mm 25.4x22
c.Fin spacing                 mm 1.4
d.Fin type (code)   Hydrophilic aluminium
e.Tube outside dia.and type  mm Φ9.52,innergroove tube
f.Coil length x height x width   mm 766x660x44
g.Number of circuits   4
Outdoor air flow             m3/h 2700
Outdoor sound pressure level dB(A) 60
Outdoor sound power level         dB(A) 67
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 845x320x700
Packing  (W*D*H) mm 965x395x755
Net/Gross weight   Kg 47 / 50
Refrigerant           Type    R410A
GWP   1975
Charged quantity Kg 1.95
Design pressure              MPa 4.2/1.5
Refrigerant piping Liquid side/ Gas side   mm(inch) Φ9.52/Φ15.9(3/8"/5/8")
Max. refrigerant pipe length    m 30
Max. difference in level        m 20
Connection wiring       2.5(Optional)
Plug type   --
Thermostat type   Remote Control
Operation temperature Indoor(cooling/ heating) 17~32/0~30  
Outdoor(cooling/heating) -15~50/-15~30
Application area             m2 32-53
Qty’per 20’ /40’ /40'HQ        69/140/160




Mute Operation

On the basis of low noise air duct system and quiet design, you can shut off the AC beep and display by pressing mute operation to create a super quiet environment.

Olyair F series wall mounted type split air conditioner


Selectable Control Modes

Apart from conventional remote control, Aurora split provide a variety of optional, including wired control, front desk control and central control.

Olyair F series wall mounted type split air conditioner

Optional functions:   (If you need below add functions, please let me know) 


 1. Active carbon Filter


2. Photocatalyst Filter


3. Catechin Filter


4. Vitamin-enriching Filter


5.  Nano Silver Filter


6. Air Ionizer

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1. Olyair Appliances insist high quality products reach every clients are safe without worry, so we will fully test each pc of product before leave factory. 


2. As HVAC products we provide three year warranty for whole unit and compressor all use famous brand like toshiba, rechi etc. 

and it lasts five years warranty also. 


3. Each full container we will free to combine with 0.5%-1% spare parts based on each products request. 


4. Olyair Provide OEM service which will in responsible for design the indoor and outdoor carton box. If you need have own panel design reqiuest just contact us we will ask engineer to give a strong idea for your long term development. 


5. In general, when we receive your inquiry message, our information dept will send related colleage in the first time. So you will receive a reply within one hour. And if no any response, please contact our service team or visit our web to get some contact information. 


6. We thank you for each client to read our any products in the web, so please let both of us value time, before send inquiry. please consider the products and it's specification you really need.  Sometimes,  some inquiry no any subject and don't confirm what they want, but just request to inform the payment terms and MOQ which made us difficult in reply an inquiry.





Company Information



Olyair F series wall mounted type split air conditioner





1. Why the heating of the air conditioner does not function?
Answer: Our remote control is designed to have both ‘cooling only’ mold and ‘cooling & heating’ mold. Users need to activate either the ‘cooling only’ mold or the ‘cooling & heating’ mold. If ‘cooling only’ mode is activated, the heating function of the air conditioner will not work, it will starting heating up the room temperature only when you turn it into ‘cooling & heating’ mold. The way of setting is demonstrated in detail in the user’s manual.
2. Why the air conditioner does not blow out hot air until several minutes after it is activated?
Answer: This is because when the heating mold just started, the temperature of evaporator is relatively low and the wind blow out would be cool. Therefore, there has designed a function of cool air protection, which will stop the indoor fan from working until the evaporator reach the set temperature. Thus, there will not be any wind blow out at the beginning.
3. Why the air conditioner does not work for the first 3 minutes, after it is restarted after a sudden power lost?


Answer: This is because our air conditioning has been set up with the power lost memory function (AUTO - RESTART), when suddenly power off and then immediately power on, the air conditioner will operate according to the same setting before the power off. Therefore, in order to prevent the impact of imbalance system to the compressor on its startup, the compressor will re-start operating 3 minutes delay. Thus, the condition will not either heat up or cool down the room temperature in these 3 minutes.
4. Why the capacity of new air condition seemed not strong enough to cool down the room temperature?



Answer: There could be various reasons:
1) The capacity is insufficient, professional will be necessary for checking.
2) Wrong mode of air conditioner is brought, as the choice of models has a direct relationship with the following conditions:
A. The area of the room.
B. The cooling load of the room. It is related to the heat leakage, which is affected by the thermal insulation of room wall, large glass window and no. of heating source such as high voltage home appliances. The heat leakage will also be affected in places such as dining room and living room.
To our experience, capacity of air conditioner = room area X cooling load, cooling load can be between 160 to 220, depend on the heat leakage. For example, if there are not any large voltage home appliances and the thermal insulation is ok, the cooling load of a single room can be estimated as 160, and 170 for a double room, 200 for a living room and 220 for a dining room. Commercial areas should be estimated according to real situations.



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